The all-new MTi 600-series

The Xsens MTi 600-series offers the highest standard for inertial measurement units. The system is truly flexible with native CAN support, external GNSS receiver support, and multiple integration levels like IMU,VRU, AHRS, and GNSS/INS. The module is based on an industrial-grade, highly affordable MEMS based orientation sensor and has an integrated, full-featured sensor fusion algorithm with easy to use SDK.


MTi 600-series       Gyro bias stability        Roll/Pitch        YAW        Position/Velocity        

MTi-610 IMU                      8°/h                                                                                                                              

MTi-620 VRU                     8°/h                             0.2°              unref.                                                    

MTi-620 AHRS                  8°/h                              0.2°                 1°       

MTi-670 GNSS/INS          8°/h                              0.2°                 1°                         Yes


Highlights of the MTi 600-series product line:

  • CANbus support
  • External GNSS receiver support
  • Compatibility with NMEA strings.
  • Industrial grade accuracy, with all sensors 100% calibrated and tested
  • Extended Kalman filtering (XKF3 Core)
  • Addressing small & large robotics- and unmanned system
    innovators, in any domain: subsea, sea, land and air.
  • Global 24/7 technical support


  • Input voltage = 4.5-24V
  • Typical power consumption = 340 mW
  • IP-rating = IP51
  • Temperature = -40 to 85 ºC
  • Interfaces = CAN/RS232/UART
  • Sync options = SyncIn, SyncOut, ClockSync
  • Output frequency = 1 kHz, 400 Hz SDI
  • Built-in self-test (BIT) = all sensors
  • Interface protocol = Xbus, ASCII (NMEA) or CAN External GNSS receiver = UBX and NMEA input



Downloads & Documentation

MTi-600 DK Manual

MTi-600 DK Datasheet

Mti-600 Leaflet

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