Mr. Nadeem | Executive Engineer

Mr Nadeem has very strong educational background and highly skilled in Mechanical industry, he has degree in Mechanical from N.E.D EngineeringUniversity Karachi. His strategy is to build long-term partnerships with company customers with their support, his aim to maximise the potential of company traditional business through a combination of enhanced quality of service, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost efficiency –while pursuing profitable growth by migrating our customer to new wave products and services, his all consideration and focus to create a centre of attention towards to new business searching customers.


Miss. Sania Anwer | Project Manager

Miss Sania has accomplished her degree in Electrical Engineering at PAF Kiet. Her challenging responsibility is executions of all electrical related projects from Programmable 3 Phase Controller For ON/OFF Motor to APFC Automatic Power Factor Control Panels etc. right now, she is the vital asset, which is highly prized at Brothers & Company. Her role to report direct to the Managing Director


Mr. A.Tanveer | Project Manager

Mr A Tanveer studied for his first degree in Civil Engineering at N.E.D engineering university Karachi; He attends the first party demand to achieve better results of second party supply to improve the business of our company. He has a senior communication posts in the company, His previous successful i nitiatives are inco-rporated in the program to make sure he learns as much as possible from his successes in the past because of his efficiency and intelligence he quickly become acquainted with the most important structures and procedures in the company.


Mr. M.Rauf | Project Manager

Mr Rauf holds degree in Mechanical engineering form NED engineering university Karachi. Previously he had worked in Suzuki automobile company for extensive time and later joins B&C as a Project manager with great professional skills.. Responsibilities will include; maintain and update technical drawings, assist the sales team in defining specifications, contact customers when clarification on specification detail is required, complete a full Bill of Materials for and insert same in to Sales net (company operational customised computer system), provide drawings for suppliers and sub-contractors, redraw / convert existing drawings to 3D and assist the existing engineers in learning and using Solid works.


Mr. Z.Saeed | Project Manager

Mr Saeed finished his civil engineering from N.E.D engineering university in late nineties since then he has engaged and involved in construction industries, he plans, designs and enable solutions, Mr Saeed has a wide experience in civil sites where he builds, designs, plans and organized mega residential &commercial project in various cities of Pakistan, After joining the B&C Mr Saeed explore his views with all team andprovide the productive and positive solution in civil sites, He deals with the vendors & suppliers to get in time required products as per required specification, check & supervise quality assurance, accuracy, &standards of project, provides technical expertise in the use, calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of procedures, his role and services including planning and design, architecture, civil and structural engineering, environmental services and asset management.


Mr. R.Maqsood | Finance Manager

Financial considerations are at the root of all major business decisions. Mr Rehan has joined B&C in 2004 with strong experience back ground, being a finance manager, he plans, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operation of finance and accounts sections. He has developed and implemented the financial policies and systems of establishments, also establish performance standards and preparation of financial reports, direct investment activities, and implement cash management strategies.


Ms. S.Ghani | Admin Manager

Her vital role is very important to the inner workings business. As our company need timely and effective office and administrative  supporter to operate effici-ently. She is very cooperative and able to work as part of a team. An individual she is able to perform a variety of tasks and satisfy the needs of the many and different business sections. In addition, she has exhibit strong communication, interpersonal and analytical skills; she is also detail-oriented, adaptable, advancement potential, able to supervise, aptitude for working with computers, well organised person.